Cultural Institutes

Due to the rising interest in our activities and highly engaging workshops we offer, we decided that it’s high time we developed a section to propose partnership with cultural institutes seeking inspiring and fresh ideas for language and cultural immersion with an innovative touch. We offer workshops in Bulgarian language and culture to dive you in debris of the Bulgarian rhythms under the sounds of “horo”, the Rogozen Treasure in the land of the Thracian tribe Tribali and the Intangible World heritage of Chiprovtsi carpet weaving. For people with interest in classical languages, we’ve tailored programs that bring you to the Roman days of Villa Rustica, Ancient Greek wisdom, sententiae Latinae et Graecae alatae, ancient history, philosophy… to shape a marvelous trip through time.

Our seminars and courses are the perfect opportunity to combine language classes with a whole range of exciting activities, from Bulgarian and well-being, dancing, cooking and carpet weaving, to Latin and opera, visiting archaeological sites, "Carpe Diem" Latin workshop et cetera.

We can tailor a program according to your requirements, the purpose of the workshop and the group size.

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