Corporate clients

Being multilingual is a prerequisite for creating stronger connection with your employees, customers and partners. This fact has driven us to explore the needs of the corporate world and create innovative workshops that interweave language, culture and entertainment and inspire our clients.

Employing a variety of art, culture and entertainment techniques we develop programmes that focus on foreign partners’ engagement, intercultural communication, collaboration, interpersonal relations through role plays, outdoor and indoor activities, linguistic and cultural sessions.

We are proud to announce that the language plus activity programmes on "Bulgarian for Foreigners" is our masterpiece, so to say, suitable for your foreign partners. For those of your partners avid for ancient knowledge and experience we’ve coined the programmes in classical languages Latin and Ancient Greek

Our seminars and courses are the perfect opportunity to combine language classes with a whole range of exciting activities, from Bulgarian and well-being, cooking and wine tasting, carpet weaving to Latin and opera, visiting archaeological sites, et cetera.

We offer various programs which we’ll modify according to your preferences and group size. We tailor a specific program that meets the exact needs of each client.

For your foreign partners, we offer and focus on:

  • Innovative language workshops that entwine languages, cultures, entertainment, curious facts and realia
  • Tailor-made programs

For your corporate events – Folklore programs with special surprises for the attendees in the spirit of the Bulgarian customs and traditions.

So, you are expected to reflect the local culture and language?

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