Private clients

Do you feel the need to escape from your monotonous everyday life or you just want to try something different and challenging? There is multitude of opportunities that lies ahead.

Lingua Viva Bulgaria offers several ways to:

  • bring about pleasant emotions;
  • concentrate on collaboration;
  • broaden your worldview;
  • enhance your linguistic and communicative skills;
  • enrich your cultural knowledge;
  • entertain you, your friends and family members :-)

Lingua Viva Bulgaria offers you:

  1. Bulgarian language and “horo” dance
  2. Ancient Heritage
  3. Bulgarian and the exquisite craftsmanship of Chiprovtsi carpet weaving
  4. Latin & SPA
  5. Business Bulgarian
  6. Private tuition

Get in touch with us and you will reveal the unparallel beauty of the Bulgarian culture and euphonic language as well as the debris of the classical languages and antiquity.