"Carpe Diem" Workshop /NEW/

Quintus Horatius Flaccus – a Roman lyric poet, a son of a freed slave – who remains in history with famous phrases among which is “carpe diem” or “seize the day”. (Horace, Odes, 1.11)
In the same Ode, Horace wrote: „…sapias, vina liques…” “be wise, strain the wine”. 

Within the workshop we’ll read Ode 11 from Book 1 in original in Latin in order to immerse you in the ancient wisdom and insights and reveal curious facts and realia from the Roman world. Be prepared to challenge yourself in an interactive game which will boost your confidence in Latin.

We’ll travel back in time and take you to the 1st Century BC.

"Carpe Diem" Latin Workshop is suitable for companies, diplomatic agencies, embassies as well as cultural and educational institutions.

The workshop will be conducted in English.

Duration: 90 min

  • Up to 3 people - BGN 40 per person
  • Groups of 4-10 participants - BGN 35 per person
  • Groups of 11-20 participants - BGN 30 per person
  • Above 20 participants - send an inquiry