The Bulgarian language in the rhythm of the Bulgarian horo

Are you curious to experience the magic of the Bulgarian folk dances and feel the exciting emotion of the Bulgarian “horo”?


Lingua Viva Bulgaria in collaboration with the folklore group Igradjii (Dancers) presents one of a kind language workshop – a unique combination between culture, language, traditions and modernity. What we offer is entertaining workshops for foreigners that skillfully interweave language learning into the Bulgarian folklore, colorful folk costumes, music, songs and fascinating dances. This innovative workshop will immerse you in the vast richness of the Bulgarian language and culture. You will learn how to introduce yourself, express your nationality and greet in Bulgarian, some basic vocabulary and verbs related to the customs, traditions and folklore as an integral part of the Bulgarian culture. And all of this under the sounds of the Bulgarian folk music in the rhythm of the prominent Bulgarian horo*…

At the end of the workshop each participant will be given a handout with vocabulary and grammar upon introduction and meeting, greetings, formal and informal register... unforgettable reminiscences and plenty of fun.

Experience the pleasure of learning Bulgarian through Bulgarian folk dances together with your friends and relatives!

* Hall provided by us. Upon enquiry, please, share your preferences for location​. We are flexible.

Each workshop lasts 2 astronomical hours.

For booking and further information, please, contact us.