One Extraordinary Latin Workshop

Latin Workshop with students from different European countries

Accents from the Latin Workshop with students from European countries, participating in "Born to read" Erasmus + project.
We talked about a century old book in Latin "Quinti Horatti Flacci Carmina Expurgata" bought from Redu - a Belgian bookvillage, Latin today, about the concept of booktowns, Academia Vivarium Novum and Classical languages as pillars of the European literature and culture. We listened to Tyrtarion's performance of Horace Odes 1.11, read it in V Asclepiad strophe and played interactive language games with sententiae Latinae alatae. 

The students dared to read in Latin and some of them even tried in Bulgarian. What an exciting experience it was both for me and them! :)

It was a real pleasure and challenge different nationalities and age groups to participate in our innovative Latin Workshop. 

Hope to see you again here in Vratsa, Bulgaria!